Dr. Freddy Liendo-11/26/2021
Hysytech S.r.l. (Coorinating Beneficiary)

Training Webinar

The webinar was held on June 17th 2021, employing ZOOM as the e-platform. Thirty-two people assisted the webinar. In this webinar, the main interest topics were discussed. The agenda of the meeting is summarized as follows:

  • LIFECAB concept and main results. Presented by Professor Enzo Montoneri, 15 min

  • Compost variability and laboratory-scale hydrolysis experiments, the Italian case (UNITO), by Elio Padoan, 20 min

  • Improving the performance on pilot-scale Anaerobic Digestion prototypes operating in Greece (AUA/OT) by Sofia Maina, 20 min

  • Pilot Evaluation of a novel anaerobic fermentation process for the production of digestate with low ammonia content, the Cyprus case, (CUT) by Professor Michalis Koutinas, 20 min

  • Life Cycle Assessment of biogas and digestate production by a virtuous biowaste cycle with integrated biological and chemical processes (AUA) by Dimitris Ladakis, 20 min

  • Pilot unit (HST) by Sorani Montenegro, 15 min

  • The industrial application of the Lifecab principles within the ACEA site (ACEA) by Viviana Negro, 20 min

  • LIFECAB video,10 min

  • Q & A section, 10 min


The topics treated during the webinar highlighted the main peculiarities of the entire process, from the composting process to the hydrolysis and SBO utilization and its benefits. HST talked about the hydrolysis process, where the scale-up of the pilot unit was discussed, and the characteristic dimensions of the main equipment were summarized. SBO performance in the reduction of NH4+ in the digestate was also discussed. Furthermore, an LCA analysis was presented to confirm how the process could reduce the AD impact on some environmental categories. In particular, eutrophication and global warming potential (GWP). The eutrophication potential was reduced, while the GWP was not affected, which were the most important target of the project.

Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the webinar at the end of it. And a video that was shared can be visualized in the following link.


Figure 1. Webinar screenshot during the end of it.

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